Rubber tiles

Rubber cover-Z Company is for children's health and safety, so we offer a Latvian-produced,  rubber cover of the high efficiency. Rubber flooring is available in different colors and different thicknesses. This ensures optimum fall safety, resistance to atmospheric agents, anti-slip, sound absorption and also carries out decorative features. Rubber surface meets the EN1177 standard - shock absorbing requirements of playground surfacing.


Rubber tiles

Rubber tiles are one of the most qualitative surfaces for maximum amortization of a fall, it is easy to maintain, decorative, and it does not have to be renovated every year. Rubber tiles make the fall much softer and reduce the adverse affect of possible injuries.It has several advantages comperad to other surfaces such as grass, sand, mulch: material is more durable than and recyclable. Rubber tiles has very high wear resistance, thanks to the rubber quality and tiles manufacturing process. Rubber tiles surface is very dense, providing a high resistance to penetration of dirt into the surface. They also have anti-slip properties. The rubber tiles can be installed on a hard surface, on sand, or on granite siftings. The tiles are connected to each other with plastic pins or glue. 

The rubber tiles has  decorative properties: it is available in diferent colors: 


Rubber tiles are available in various thickness. Each thickness provides the necessary security t the appropriate height of falling.

Critical height of falling(m) 






Thickness  (mm)






The table contains critical height of falling and the recommended thickness of the rubber tiles according to the standart EN 1177. The standard is issued by the European Standardization Committee and it defines requirements for decks that are used in playgrounds as well as in fields where reduction of fall impact needs to be provided.

Rubber tiles are used for:

  • children`s playgrounds;
  • paths and squares;
  • the outdoor swiming pools; 
  • gardens of private houses;
  • tennis courts;
  • sports grounds and runways;
  • shooting ranges;
  • stund and dairy farms;
  • golf courses, street ball areas;
  • others;