About us

Z Company SIA was founded in August, 2011. Our priority is to promote the healthy lifestyle in families. The company’s objective is to show to parents that rest in the fresh air with their children is as important as work!

Leisure time for families can be not only entertainment but also versatile and active time spending. Children don’t exercise in the gym - only they get a good physical shape while spending time outdoors - jumping, moving and playing! Our objective is to build such playgrounds and sports fields which would be active recreation space for children and their parents. For this purpose, in addition to the game and play facilities, Z Company offers outdoor exercise units. Outdoor exercise units are active recreation, open to the entire family. Z Company wants to take care of increasing parental participation in playgrounds, sports grounds.

Z Company offers a full range of services, from the conceptual design to the constructed playground in process of which the whole family could take part.
The park and garden equipment as well as a wide selection of skating park equipment can be found in the Z Company’s product line.

The greatest emphasis is put on the children’s safety and health. All offered products are certified and meet the highest safety requirements of the Europe Union. To ensure maximum security the playgrounds need an appropriate base. Z Company offers shock absorbing rubber tiles made in Latvia.

Z Company offers:
•    Products that meet today’s quality requirements;
•    The original design;
•    Competitive price;
•    Loyalty with customers.
Z-Company - it is a high quality, safety, originality, design, wide range of products and responsibility for the work!

Z-Company - it is a team which has a great pleasure to give families a healthy way of rest!